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Monday, 8 August 2011

1908 silver coin

        It is a one rupee silver coin of 1908 of king edward VII series , special feature of the coin is that,in all the silver coins the inscription is in both English and Persian, compared to Victoria coins that showed only English.On one side "ONE RUPEE INDIA" is written along with the picture of thecrown and something in persian and on the other side there is a picture of then emperor king Edward VII without the crown facing right the reason for him not wearing the crown is that though Queen Victoria died on 22 January 1901, Edward's coronation was not held till 9 August 1902. The master dies were created before the coronation, so it was not possible to show him wearing the crown. To rectify this, a pattern rupee was designed in 1910. It could not be minted for public use as king Edward died in the same year.Another distinct feature of this coin is the word "KING & EMPEROR"is also incribed.The Edward VII series of coins of India are dated 1903-1910.


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